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Feel free to ask me everything. I'll try to answer you all. But, well, I'm not a so interesting guy!

(Hi, wanderer, welcome! I have to say that I'm not english, so please be kind. Thanks to all the great people who send love. I virtually hug everyone of you beautiful beings. Back to the blog, I will answer according to my headcanon, hoping you like it!)

(And please, can I ask you to read the FAQS?)


((Ahah, thanks, you two! I really appreciated your comments. 
@keiggy, unfortunately, I haven’t a scanner. My idea was to take a photo of every drawing… But I’m also quite lazy, I must admit (The quality sucks anyway, lol-). And this year I’m are very busy with studies and this blog must remain a hobby and not a job. 
@ask-alastara, ohmy, thank you for the availability! As you see, I have my pen back, now! I’ll consider your proposal in case I need it! You are so kind~ ///

Another thing: do you remember my wifi troubles? They are still here, damn. ))

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